亲爱的客户们 ,请接受本店无法提供任何无理退款服务 下单付款后表示同意本店条规 。

1. 请给予我们30天的工作日处理您的退款程序。Please allow 30 working days for us to proceed your refund .

2. 本店所有商品在可更换的情况下将无法以退款形式处理 ,这意味着退款需符合以下的情况:Please note that no refunds will be made for products that are still available unless you meet below situation :

  • 您的商品碰上缺货/已下架情况。Your item(s) out of stock / lack of stock .

例子 Example :


问Q:如果我买了S Size 的裤子,发现不能穿,可以退款吗?Can I request for a refund if i purchase a pant in S Size which i can't fit .

答A:尺寸不合适可以选择更换。如果您想更换的尺寸已下架我们将会给与您以回馈金额方式兑现 。此情况将不允许以退款方式处理。Yes you can request a refund if the item(s) is already out of stock . You will be given store credit term . No refund will be entitled .


问Q:如果我买的商品是有严重的瑕疵,可以退款吗?Can I request for a refund if i receive a defect item(s) ?

答A:如果您买的商品在我们店铺是有库存的情况下将不被允许退款,只能进行退换程序 。You will be entitled for an exchange if you receive a defect item(s). Refund can only be made if the item(s) is out of stock .


问Q:如果我已经付款了,才发现我朋友/家人已经购买过次商品,请问可以申请退款吗?Can I request for a refund since i realise that my friend / family already purchased the same item(s) for me ?

答A:不能的。请在付款前再次确认好再下订单,一单付款成功将无法接受任何退款理由。No, kindly take note that no refund can be made upon any reasons once your payment is done unless it meets our refund policy situation .


问Q:我收到货之后发现全部款式都不喜欢,可以退款全部商品吗?Can I request a fully refund after i found out that all item(s) i received were not satiesfied ?

答A:不能的。本店不接受以个人不喜欢/衣服穿的不合适或不好看/色差/可清理的污迹为退换/退款理由,下单前请三思。No .Reason such as (Do not like the item / item does not fit or suit /color differ / quality or real product not up to expectation will not be entertain for Exchanges or Refund .