1. 订单 Order 

请在付款前确保您下单的所有资料(名字/地址/电话)和商品(颜色/尺寸/件数)是正确的,一旦您已经确认订单并付款之后将没办法做任何修改。此情况将不接受退款/更换。Once you have checked out and your order has been confirmed, you are not be able to make any changes to your order. Please make sure that everything (including color  / size / no of pcs of the item(s) / shipping details  ) is correct before clicking the confirm button. No refunds/exchanges will be allowed.

基于以下原因,请恕我方将不另行通知并且保留拒绝或取消订单的权力 :We reserve the right to refuse/cancel an order without prior notice for reasons such as:

  • 下订的商品已下架 Product ordered is no longer available in stock
  • 在我们怀疑涉及任何诈欺或不诚实的活动下,我们将不会授权付款。We are unable to obtain authorisation of payment and/or if we suspect any fraudulent activity

在上述的任何一种情况下,我们将会相应地通知您。如果您已经付款,我们将会针对现有库存进行报销。您购物车中的商品将不被预留并且有可能会被其他顾客购买。In any of these cases, you will be informed accordingly. Reimbursement will be made if you’ve already made the payment Goods are subject to availability. Items in your shopping cart are not reserved and may be purchased by other customers.


  • 现货订单将在确认付款后的1-3的工作天内发出 (除非是特别注明预售连线补单款式)Ready Stock Orders will be shipped out within 1-3 working days (unless otherwise stated / under BACKORDER )  upon payment verification. 
  • 我们的发货日定于周1至周五 ,不包括周6&日及公共假期。Mailing days fall on weekdays. Weekends and Public Holidays are excluded. 
  • 我们将会按照订单号顺序发出,因此在任何情况下,我们都不能提供拼单/合单服务。如有不便敬请原谅。All orders are shipped out according to order number, kindly take note that we do not accept orders combination regaring any situation .We apologize for any convenience made.
  • 关于本地邮寄我们将会使用Skynet发货 。所有邮费将会在您结账时自动依据重量以及发货国家地区计算。We're using Skynet for local shipping . All shipping charges will be calculated automatically when your check out based on weight & your shipping country. 

3. 补单 / 预售 /连线 BACKORDERS

  • 【预购】款式一般将会预计在截单日期后的4至6星期发货。Backorder items take estimately 4-6 weeks to send out from the date of due date.
  • 不排除因不可预计的情况下例如:运输延期/面料短缺/到货库存不足等等导致延迟到货。Arrival may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as shipment delays / lack of fabric / insufficient stocks arrived etc .
  • 每款商品的到货时间不同,我们将会把估计的到货时间更新在每一款商品说明下以方便您查阅。请确保在付款前清楚并同意商品到货时间,一旦确认付款后将不接受取消订单。Date of arrival for different items may differs and are usually stated under the individual items. Kindly make sure that you have agree with the arrival time for each items before proceed to payment . Once your payment is verified , no cancellations will be made .
  • 我方有权力在不另行做通知的情况下更改到货日期。Getthelook Emma reserves the right to amend the date of arrival without prior notice.
  • 我方不接受任何以补单日期延误的原因而取消订单。Cancellations of orders won't be accepted regarding any reasons for delayed backorder .
  • 除非商品缺货,否则我方将不会为延迟发货而提供退款。No refunds will be provided for delayed shipments unless backorder is cancelled.
  • 如果您的订单包含现货和补单/预售商品,您可以选择一起或分开发或。运费将会按照每个订单计算。For order consists of both in-stock & backorder item(s) , you can decide whether to ship it together or separately during checkout . Shipping cost is calculated as per order .


  • 不接受以个人不喜欢/衣服穿的不合适或不好看/色差/可清理的污迹或不视为有缺陷的商品为退换/退款理由。No exchange / refund will be made for product that does not fit /color differ / quality or real product not up to expectation / not deemed defective. 
  • 我们将不对运输过程中造成的损坏负责。We shall not be responsible for the damage caused during shipping. 
  • 我们会确保所有商品在送出前都经过再三检查并包装妥当。We take care to ensure all products are checked properly and well-packed before they are shipped. 
  • 所有的退换条规只限于马来西亚。Exchange & return service only valid in Malaysia
  • 更多有关退换详细信息,请参阅我们“退换流程”的文章。对于所有不符合条件的物品退回,我们将保留拒绝的权力。For more details about Return & Exchange , please refer to our Exchange & Refund articles .We reserve the right to reject any returned item if it doesn't meet all mentioned conditions. 


如果您的包裹发出后没人签收导致被弹回,我们将会通过Email /电话方式联络您。Customers will be contacted via email / phone call should we receive any bounced parcels bearing their name.

  • 重新发出包裹的运费将由顾客负责。如果被退回包裹是因为我们的失误,邮费则由我们负责。Cost for re-delivery will be borne by the customer. Getthelook Emma will bear the cost of re-delivery if it is deemed as an error on our part.
  • 我们有权拒绝任何关于被退回包裹与新订单合拼的请求。Getthelook Emma refuse any request to combine the bounced back parcels with any new orders.
  • 任何无人认领的被退回包裹将会在30天的宽限期后被没收。Any unclaimed bounced back parcels after 30 days grace period will be forfeited.

6. 折扣代码 /优惠卷 /回馈金额 DISCOUNT CODES / VOUCHERS      /CREDITS

  • 如果您想使用折扣代码,请确保在您确认付款前正确的输入。对于没能来得及在付款前输入折扣代码的顾客,很抱歉,我们将无法退款或取消您的订单。If you have a discount code, please ensure to input the code before checking out for discount to be valid. No refunds / cancellations will be made for orders where discount codes are not entered at point of purchase.
  • 折扣代码可能会也可能不会带有有效期限。提醒您,已经过期的折扣代码将不会因为任何原因而展延。Discount codes may or may not come with an expiry date. Barely remind that an expired discount codes are strictly non-extensible regarding any kind of reasons.
  • 使用折扣代码/优惠卷或回馈金额的订单不能更换和退货。Orders placed using discount codes / vouchers/ credits are not applicable for exchange and returns.
  • 折扣代码/优惠卷/回馈金额将不能被兑换成现金。Promotional codes / vouchers / credits may not be exchanged for cash.

回馈金额Credits :

  • 关于使用回馈金额,请登录您的账号并在结账时选择“使用回馈金额”以进行兑现。For credit terms , please login your account and select "Use Credit" during check out in order to redeem it. 
  • credit.jpg 
  • 结账时点击以上图片显示的Use Credit(Balance : RM20.00 )按钮以进行兑现。 Click Use Credit(Balance : RM20.00 ) as shown in the pic above to redeem it during check out .
  • 如果您要把回馈金额以现金方式退款处理,请电邮至 [email protected]If you wish to return your store credit as cash refund , please email us at [email protected] .
  • 请给予我们30天的工作日处理您的退款程序。您可以参考我们的退款条规以获取更多详细信息。 Please allow 30 working days for us to proceed your refund . Kindly refer to our Refund Policy for further information .
  • 在您账户里的回馈金额是没有有效期限的。Store credit in your account has no expiry date .