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Leira Western Shorts

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RM 79.00
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RM 0.00
Sale price
RM 79.00


S Size

Length 长度37cm  

Waist 腰围68cm 

Hips 臀围94cm 

Thigh 大腿围70cm

M Size

Length 长度37cm 

Waist 腰围70cm 

Hips 臀围98cm

Thigh 大腿围70cm

L Size

Length 长度38cm 

Waist 腰围74cm 

Hips 臀围104cm

Thigh 大腿围70cm

XL Size

Length 长度39cm 

Waist 腰围78cm 

Hips 臀围108cm

Thigh 大腿围72cm

Model (Agnes) 150cm//42kg 

Kindly Reminder: 

The measurement method of plane measurement unit CM is different, and there is an error of 2-3cm, which is within the normal range.