Pick Up 店面自取

Pick Up Location :
No 15, Jalan Pendekar 15, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah 81300 Skudai Johor Malaysia

Pick Up Time :

Mon - Sun 12pm-7pm (Open Everyday)

注意:为了避免白跑一趟,取货前必须在Instagram or Whatsapp 通知我们取货日期 以便能提前备好货给您~ 我们有权力拒绝任何在无确认取货时间前的订单 。如有不便,敬请原谅。
Notes : To avoid the waste of time, you must notify us of the pick-up date on Instagram Dm or Whatsapp before picking up the goods so that the goods can be prepared for you in advance~ We have the right to reject any order before the confirmed pick-up time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

How To Choose Pick Up ?

Step 1 : 在Delivery Method 选项, 点击 “Change”,然后点击 “Pick Up”

Step 2 :
For pick up details , fill up “Pick up time & date ” randomly . The time & date you choose doesn’t equal to the actual day that your parcel is ready to pick up . You need to refer to the “Order Fulfilment Email ”  or double check in your account that your order’s fulfilment status reflect to “Fulfilled” to confirm that your order is ready to pick up . 

Step 3 :
现在您可以继续付款以完成您的订单!Now you may proceed to payment to complete your order !

⚠️Notes :  
在还没收到“订单履行电子邮件”之前,请不要根据您选择的提货时间和日期来我们的工作室自取,因为我们的小助理可能还没有准备好您的订单,您可能会因此白跑一趟 。
Please do not come to our store according to the time & date that you selected to pick up before you received “Order Fulfilment Email ” as our staff may haven’t prepared yet your order and you may run for nothing .

How to know my order is ready to pick up ?


1. 一旦完成订单并准备取货,您将收到一封标题为“Order Fulfillment”的电子邮件。这表明您可以通过与Fb Page / Instagram Direct / Whatsapp /与我们联系来与我们安排最佳取货时间。Once your order is fulfilled and is ready to pick up , you will received an email with title " Order Fulfillment " . This indicate that you may arrange the best pick up time with us by contacting us via Fb Page / Instagram Direct / Whatsapp / Call us before you come to us . 

2. 您也可以通过登录帐户来仔细检查订单状态。一旦完成状态反映为“已完成”,则意味着您的订单现在可以提取了。 You may also double checking your order status by log in to your account . Once the fulfillment status reflect to "Fulfilled" means that your ordered is now ready to pick up .

请不要犹豫与我们联系,我们很乐意为您服务!Please do not hesitate to contact us with your compliment , we would loved to serve you ! <3 

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